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Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Me

My beautiful friend Mandi started using HCG about 3 weeks ago. She created a blog for herself to log her progress. It's been fun hearing about how she's progressing through her journey. I thought I'd do the same.

I'm trying to reinvent myself into the person I've wanted to be but could just never become. I recently got permanent eyeliner put on, which I LOVE. It's so nice because sometimes it's just hard to get make-up on every morning, and this way I already have it on. It wasn't anywhere near as painful as I was expecting it to be. It actually didn't hurt at all until about 2 hours afterward and only hurt for about 3 hours. The swelling was down within a couple of days. Despite an infection which I got because I had applied mascara and ended up crying, so I was wiping at my eyes with my dirty, grubby hands.

Something else I am doing to become the me I know is inside is I am starting the HCG shots. I'd like to monitor my progress, and document it. I'm a bit nervous to give myself these shots, but I know it's going to pay off in the end. Here are my stats so far:
Weight: 227 (8/14)
Bust: 41
Waist: 35
Abdomen: 45
Hips: 47
Thighs: 28
Arms: 13
Body Fat: 41.6%
BMI: 94
Pant size: 18

I am on my loading days right now, today and tomorrow and then I start into the actually diet portion of this. I can eat only 500cals a day. I'm a bit worried about this, but I don't eat much anyway, so it may not be as difficult as I'm making it out to be. Tuesday is going to be rough though because we're taking the kids to Lagoon.

I have a membership to Curves fitness that I've been sorta using. Once I get on a more set schedule at work, it will be much easier for me to make it there regularly.

So this is my start. My goal right now is to fit into those two size 16 jeans I have in the top of my closet I bought but can't wear.

Here we go!!